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Week 49: Photo Challenge

In Your Backyard…

The moon was in my backyard this week… it was so bright and big that I had to capture it. I like the second one better – doesn’t just look like a white dot in the sky!

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Week 48: Photo Challenge

Find a Pair!

I took my camera outside (one the rain had stopped for awhile!) to see what I could see. I looked around and I saw horses – lots of them, all paired off too… but they were just too far away from me to get a good shot. So I kept watching and I saw lots of birds flying in the sky… but none of them landed close by. So I went around the front of the house and looked in our little garden bed. I hadn’t looked at it for a few days, I noticed all of the weeds but I was surprised by the flowers that were actually growing! I haven’t killed them yet! So here is my pair that I found…

This is another older photo of mine, a couple of Aussie Galah’s sitting in a Gum Tree at my parents place.

Next Week: In Your Backyard…

Week 33: Photo Challenge


Firstly, what do you think this photo is taken of? I took it this evening with the afternoon sunlight beaming down on it… it’s the curtain that is hanging in our living room! I got down on my knees and shot upwards. I love how this photo has a 3D feeling to it! You feel like you could rub your fingers across the photo and feel what has been captured!

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Week 24: Photo Challenge

A is for…

It hardly feels like we have been back for a week… but we have! Still feeling the affects of jet-lag… so I almost forgot about this one!

A is for… Apple! Well now, that is just to obvious! A is also for… Aardvark, Acorn, Address, Afraid, Airplane, Alaska, Amethyst, Angels, Antlers… and I could just keep on going. These were the few that I choose.

Firstly, A is for AUSTRALIA! Well, how can I not be patriotic to my homeland… So the first picture is of the Aussie flag and the second picture just so happens to be the BEST SPORT in all of the world!

Secondly, A is for ARIELLA… my cute little niece. This picture was taken over the weekend when we celebrated the MacDonald Christmas! Considering she wasn’t the happiest bean over the weekend, I got a bit artistic with this one…

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Week 20: Photo Challenge

Take a Seat

It’s a chance for you to use your imagination and think of all the various things that one can sit on. Chairs, Benches, Stools, Beanbags, Wood, Rocks even a piece of carpet, grass or s step. There are many options for where your bum can rest… so this is where my imagination took me.

We took a spontaneous trip into Banff this past weekend, so I obviously packed my camera with me and had this challenge in mind. But as I so often do when in Banff is just get absorbed in what we are doing and I forget to get the camera out of the bag!!! So as we were walking towards the car I spotted a bench that was empty, so I crouched down and snapped away (while getting strange looks from passes by!).

I had another thought in my mind that I wanted to take for this weeks challenge too… but I forgot to take the photo when I was at work today. If I remember to take it tomorrow I will upload it and let you know what I was thinking.

Next Week: Odd Numbers

Week 18: Photo Challenge

Portrait vs Landscape

Ever notice that when you take photo’s you take at least 80% in the Landscape position?? I know that for me, that is what I do all the time… and looking back at my photo’s… most are taken landscape. So this weeks challenge is to flip that hand around in your hands and see what photo’s you can create…

I took a few pictures at lunch today… but I left my camera at work and I’m about to head out. Now these photo’s aren’t the best that I have taken, but I took a Landscape photo for you to compare it with the Portrait. And honestly, I like the Landscape photo better – my reason been, that photo’s of mountains are taken better in that direction. So, Landscape first, then Portrait… then a few of my favourite Portrait photos.

And a few of my all time favourites…

Next Week: What’s Cooking!

Week 16: Photo Challenge

One Mans TRASH is another Mans TREASURE!

I had a lot of fun with this one… any time you get to go antique shopping it’s bound to be fun! The first time I stepped into an antique store I was skeptical about how much I would enjoy looking at old, random  stuff on shelves… EXCEPT, I surprised myself and discovered a love for the elegant, the old, the unique nick knacks, furniture and sometimes the outright strange things that are at antique stores! So last week, I knew that this weeks challenge was coming up, I went to Airdire and looked at the antique store.

I wanted to bring home old trunks, odd nick knacks like an old wooden spool, wooden crates, old school typewriters but the things that captured my heart the most were the cameras… like first generation camera’s – they were so shiny and beautiful (but they also had a fairly decent price tag too!!) But there were three Polaroid cameras tucked away on a shelf near the books that didn’t have a super expensive price tag… and $35 later, this was what I purchased. What was once someone else’s TRASH now has become my little TREASURE…

1. This is what it looks like in its case.

2. This is what it looks like ready to be used

3. This is the Polaroid with the instructional booklet behind it. There is no date in the booklet that tells me how old the camera is – but according to my internet research, it was produced between 1965-1967! (See:

Next Week: Shoes

Week 15: Photo Challenge


Need I say more! I wanted to have more time on this challenge, mainly because I was sick for half of the week… but I love how you can interrupt this theme. You can do so much with it and there are some pretty amazing window’s out there that you can use for inspiration as well.

Here is this week photo – this was taken in the beautiful little hamlet of Dogpound! Yes friends, there is a little hamlet called Dogpound that I live by – it made me laugh when I first heard about this hamlet too – but it’s quaint and has some very nice houses. Dogpound is situated in a valley – the North side of the road is where all the houses are and the South side of the road is like a mini forest. In among these trees lies this run down little shack. On my way home from the grocery store I stopped, pulled out my camera and captured its windows.

This next picture was taken in Banff this year when Cam and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. For the middle of March it had some fairly nice weather and we took the most of the opportunities to take some photo’s.

Next Week: One Mans TRASH is another Mans TREASURE! 

Week 14: Photo Challenge


There are times that I wish I had all week to dedicate to capturing my photo challenges – no distractions like work to hold me back from getting out there and being more creative with these challenges. (Don’t get me wrong, I love work – it’s just so time consuming!!!). So speaking of time… here are two photo’s that I captured for this weeks TIME challenge.

1. This fun little clock lives in our kitchen. It was a housewarming gift for when we moved out of a basement and into a trailer (which I like to call our bungalow!). Having a pet hedgehog at the time, this clock seemed an appropriate house warming gift – and we LOVE it! This is my go to clock so I can know what time it is!

2. This is one of those dreaded alarm clocks that wake you up and make you get moving every day! This sits on my husbands side of the bed and I just love its setting in the house. Although this doesn’t sit on my side of the bed, it’s the only clock in our room – other than our phones! – so this gets used a lot!

Next Week: Windows

Week 12: Photo Challenge


This week my challenge was to capture clouds… my only problem was that this week, whenever I was looking their wasn’t either a cloud in sight or it looked like today – grey skies (and that just isn’t pretty to capture!). So I am bringing out some golden oldies for you this week.

This photo I used in Week 7’s challenge but it has some awesome clouds in it as well… I really like the way that the sun is reflecting on these clouds.

Next Week: Wild Animals

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