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Week 52: Photo Challenge


First and foremost I must say that I have done my challenge! I have officially completed ONE YEAR of blogging – both recipes and photo challenges! What’s next… you’ll just have to wait until next week to hear what I have to say!

I was privileged enough to get a three day weekend last weekend with my hubby and we took the chance to go camping! But before our camping adventure could begin, we started off with a date night by going to the CFL Football Game in Calgary. It was Calgary Stampedes vs Saskatchewan Roughriders. As Cam was born and raised in Saskatchewan, he follows them – and as a good wife, I support them too! It was a really good game, which ended in a draw! What I didn’t know was that they play overtime in CFL matches, each team get’s one chance for a touchdown from the 35 yard line. Roughriders went first and kicked a 3 point goal… then the Stampeders followed… and scored a touchdown… so the draw really wasn’t a draw after all! The crazy thing was, that with 8 minutes left to go, Calgary were two touchdowns behind and I would say that about 75% of the Stampeders fans had already left the Stadium!!!

We headed off Camping around noon on Friday – our plan was to go to Beaver Flats just south of Elbow Falls… but it was already full – as was most of the Kananaskis area… so we called the Banff National Parks to see how those sites were filling up and we managed to get a spot at Two Jack Main Campground – that is just north of Banff and on Lake Minnewanka. It turned out to be a better campground than I expected – and we’ll be back! We set up camp in the drizzling rain and then chilled out.

On Saturday we stayed at the campground – read books, played cards, listened to our neighbours play the same song over and over and over again and generally hung out around our campfire.

That evening we made ‘Hobo Stew’ as we like to call it – basically it’s meat and veggies wrapped in tin foil with whatever spices you like and butter… let it cook over the coals (turn a few times) for about an hour and your good to go!

The next day, we packed up and left. We drove around and visited Lake Minnewanka and then headed into Banff for a late picnic lunch in the Cascade Gardens before heading back home.

Next Week: Ummm… stay tuned.


Week 34: Photo Challenge

Sweet Treats

This week I celebrated my second anniversary with my husband. I managed to get the day off work so we took a drive the evening before to Banff. We stayed at the Banff Aspen Lodge, had a lovely evening at the Paddock Pub and then took a dip in the hotels Hot Tub before retiring for the day! On our anniversary we walked the streets as the snow gently fell, before returning back home. But before we could return back home, there were a few shops that we just had to visit… the Banff Soap Company, the Fudgery and of course the Sweet Shoppe! I love the front window of this shop… jars and jars of candy!

Next Week: Signs

Week 20: Photo Challenge

Take a Seat

It’s a chance for you to use your imagination and think of all the various things that one can sit on. Chairs, Benches, Stools, Beanbags, Wood, Rocks even a piece of carpet, grass or s step. There are many options for where your bum can rest… so this is where my imagination took me.

We took a spontaneous trip into Banff this past weekend, so I obviously packed my camera with me and had this challenge in mind. But as I so often do when in Banff is just get absorbed in what we are doing and I forget to get the camera out of the bag!!! So as we were walking towards the car I spotted a bench that was empty, so I crouched down and snapped away (while getting strange looks from passes by!).

I had another thought in my mind that I wanted to take for this weeks challenge too… but I forgot to take the photo when I was at work today. If I remember to take it tomorrow I will upload it and let you know what I was thinking.

Next Week: Odd Numbers

Week 15: Photo Challenge


Need I say more! I wanted to have more time on this challenge, mainly because I was sick for half of the week… but I love how you can interrupt this theme. You can do so much with it and there are some pretty amazing window’s out there that you can use for inspiration as well.

Here is this week photo – this was taken in the beautiful little hamlet of Dogpound! Yes friends, there is a little hamlet called Dogpound that I live by – it made me laugh when I first heard about this hamlet too – but it’s quaint and has some very nice houses. Dogpound is situated in a valley – the North side of the road is where all the houses are and the South side of the road is like a mini forest. In among these trees lies this run down little shack. On my way home from the grocery store I stopped, pulled out my camera and captured its windows.

This next picture was taken in Banff this year when Cam and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. For the middle of March it had some fairly nice weather and we took the most of the opportunities to take some photo’s.

Next Week: One Mans TRASH is another Mans TREASURE! 

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