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Week 50: Photo Challenge

Break the Press! Front Page News!

This week the Calgary Stampede began! The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth (as their tag line suggests). This year it is also the Centennial Celebration of the Stampede – 1912 to 2012!

In 1912 the great Stampede was born from the vision of Guy Weadick. Guy was a famous working cowboy and vaudeville entertainer featured in the traveling wild-west shows that were popular world-wide in the early 1900s. He was a man with a dream of celebrating the romance and authentic culture of the old west.

The Stampede we enjoy today has evolved from Guy’s vision. He was successful because he understood that as much as things change, we need to believe in the way things were.

Our historical information tells the story of who we were in our earliest days, and reminds us that Guy was right; fundamentally we believe in the same western values today as we did in 1912.

For more Stampede History:

Since I haven’t gone to the Stampede since the first year I arrived in Canada, we thought this year we should hit it up! With it also being the centennial celebration year and the need for a few of the other international staff wanting to go – we took the plunge, braved the train & crowds and had a wonderful day!

Our first stop (once we made it through the line that was at least a mile long!) was to go to the Rodeo! With only standing room seats available, there are lots of heads in the shots! Tie-Down Roping, Bareback, Steer Wrestling,  and Barrel Racing were the first few event we saw – but the one we were all waiting for was the Bull Riding!

Then we went and visited the Saddle dome and saw the last of the ‘Cowboy Up!’ Challenge. In previous years, our Equine Coordinator, has been in this event – unfortunately, this year his horse was ill and couldn’t participate in the trials.

We then meet up with a few of the others, walked around for a bit grabbed some food before we headed into the part of the day that I was looking forward to the most… CHUCK WAGON RACES!

As a mid program break they brought out onto the stage some miniature horses that can be ridden by little kids – and they move! – and it’s not a horse on a stick!

The the evening show began – the cheapest Paul Brandt concert (if you can count four songs as a concert!) that I will ever see… some crazy acrobatic dances, BMX jumping, brightly coloured polka dot dressed dances, Paul Brandt followed by the best fireworks show ever!

I don’t know which photo you picked as YOUR favourite ‘Break the Press! Front Page News’ picture… there are a few that are my favourite of the bunch.

Next Week: Silhouette


Week 47: Photo Challenge


This week I wanted to blog about some of the people that I got to spend the past week with. The two groups of people that I spent the most time with this past week were my husbands family and my work mates. On Sunday we celebrated Ella’s second birthday (and Canadian Father’s Day). It was a fun day – although all of the adults were pretty tired, the kids managed to keep us moving and having fun.

Now to my work mates… well, they are a crazy bunch of people – but I do say that you have to have a little bit of crazy in you to work at camp. I spent a lot of time with this bunch of people in the past week – we hosted a wedding at the camp on Saturday, which meant to a long day! Add in the standard hours of work, plus the additional hours getting us prepped and ready for the our summer season (which officially starts today with our Keenagers Camp arriving!). Then on top of that, add in the last days that we get to spend with my good friend’s Camara and Matt who are leaving us to head back to Australia at the end of the week… so Tuesday night was a ‘Jack N Jill’ baby shower/farewell for them and then Wednesday night was the last time (for now) that we get to spend with them at our local watering hole.

Sad… Privileged… Blessed… Pumped… Excited… Thankful…

Sad to see you guys go. Privileged to have friends from Australia join me in Canada for over a year. Blessed to have watched you grow and find a new Canadian family. Pumped that you guys are expecting a new addition in November. Excited by the fact that Aussie is our common link and I know that I’ll get to meet TP in person one day soon. Thanks for been great mates, God’s blessings to you as you journey back home and settle in. Xox

Next Week: Find a Pair!

Week 45: Photo Challenge

Toy Time

I am privileged enough to have two nieces and a nephew here in Canada and another three nieces and a nephew in Australia… so it’s always fun and games when we get a chance to catch up with any of them. Last weekend we were celebrating Julianna’s 3rd birthday. The plan for the day was to hang out at the park and then go back to her parents place for supper… but plans took a small change when the weather took a turn for the worse. So Juli and her family went to the park early so that they could get some park time in… Cam and I were able to join them for a part of that while the weather held off! We all then returned back to Juli’s home and watched some kid shows and then went to the backyard and played with BUBBLES!!! It was then time for a hot dog supper (at which time the thunder storm which was predicted for 2pm came through) and then presents time! It was a fun day had by all… here are a few of the pictures that capture the day.

Next Week: Garden Invaders

Week 39: Photo Challenge


On Tuesday, it was my hubby’s birthday – unfortunately, I spent 12 hours at work, so I didn’t get to celebrate with him too much. So last night, we went to the local watering hole for Wings night! Was a great night our with some great friends – new and old! So Happy Birthday Cam… and CHEERS!

Additionally, I had to include a couple of other great photos. The first taken at an Aussie Day celebration with a Hibiscus Flower in Champagne and the second one at my dear friend, Carly’s wedding.

Next Week: Metal

Week 29: Photo Challenge

First Love

A few days ago Valentine’s Day hit the world and romantic’s everywhere. For me, Valentine’s day isn’t a huge deal… you will never see me booking a restaurant weeks ahead of time for a romantic dinner out… it has just become too commercialized and feels like a day where you are forced to show the one you love, that you love them. Shouldn’t you show them that you love them every day anyway? It shouldn’t matter that it’s Valentine’s day! In saying all of that, I spent the evening with my husband – cooking a meal together, watching a movie and receiving a relaxing massage. So I have chosen to share with you two photo’s – one silly and one nice – of my First Love and I on Valentine’s Day.


Next Week: Pretty as a Postcard!

Week 28: Photo Challenge


What do you think of when you hear the word smiles? I will guarantee that 99% of people will think about the smile from someones face. Every smile on someones face tells a story… a cheeky smile from a loved one who is keeping a secret from you… a toothy smile that indicates the joy within there heart that can only be outwardly expressed. Why not think a little outside the box… and think about what makes you smile. A particular person, a particular object, a particular memory… but if I was to go down that track, you would be getting my life story and we would be here forever… so…

At the moment, this is my favourite smiles photo. This is my little nephew Tyler giving his Dad some huge smiles and laughs. I managed to capture this photo and I don’t think I could have done any better.

Next Week: First Love

Week 25: Photo Challenge

Around the home…

I am so thankful that this week was an indoor challenge – with the temperatures being between -32 & -36 degrees this week, it has been cold! So this week the challenge  is ‘Around the home’… and as my house is a total mess at the moment… I had to get a little creative as to what around the home means. It got me thinking about what that means… rooms in the house, a comfy blanket, a pantry full of food ready to be made into delicious treats or even the colour of paint on the walls, the photo frame that sits on that wall… or a special bowl that you fill with chips to share with friends… but what I came up with was this. Games. My husband and I love playing games… we have several types of games in our house and here are just a few of our games. So… who’s up for a games night?


Next Week: Patterns & Shapes

Week 24: Photo Challenge

A is for…

It hardly feels like we have been back for a week… but we have! Still feeling the affects of jet-lag… so I almost forgot about this one!

A is for… Apple! Well now, that is just to obvious! A is also for… Aardvark, Acorn, Address, Afraid, Airplane, Alaska, Amethyst, Angels, Antlers… and I could just keep on going. These were the few that I choose.

Firstly, A is for AUSTRALIA! Well, how can I not be patriotic to my homeland… So the first picture is of the Aussie flag and the second picture just so happens to be the BEST SPORT in all of the world!

Secondly, A is for ARIELLA… my cute little niece. This picture was taken over the weekend when we celebrated the MacDonald Christmas! Considering she wasn’t the happiest bean over the weekend, I got a bit artistic with this one…

Next Week: Around the home

Week 22: Photo Challenge


It’s Christmas Time… and Christmas time is all about Family. This year, Cam and I braved the airports and flew from Canada to Australia to spend Christmas with my family. It has been 6 years since I have had Christmas with my family, so it was wonderful to come ‘home’ for Christmas and spend time with my family… and to meet our latest family member, baby Lila (who is now 5 months old!).

So here are a few shots of my family from Christmas… mainly of the little ones, because really, who doesn’t love little ones. Firstly, baby Zara (who turned one on Dec 22nd)…

Secondly, here is one of Zara with her brother, Zephan and Dad.

Thirdly, here are a couple cute ones of Zephan and Zara…

Fourthly, here are the four Grandkids… this is probably the best of the four of them as Charlotte is shy in front of the camera… I love the expressions on each of the faces!

And lastly, one of Charlotte jumping off the box we found from the back shed…

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE… I hope you were able to spend time with your family over this festive season… we are looking forward to our January Christmas with Cam’s family upon our return.

Next Week: Get Low…

Week 21: Photo Challenge

Odd Numbers

Well, I had to plan this challenge early this week… so here I sit on a Monday night, typing away and getting my blog prepped and ready so that I will still meet my aims… You see, Christmas is just around the corner and Cam and I are flying to Australia to be with my family for Christmas (we will be on several planes for the next few days)… this will also be Cam’s first Summer Christmas, so I will update you on how he feels about summery Christmases next week! But that will be more for next week, this week’s challenge is Odd Numbers.

So I walked around our little bungalow of a house and this is what inspired me for this weeks challenge. We have a little nook in one of our walls that lets you see from the hallway into one of the rooms (we call it the ugly room because the previous owners painted half the walls baby pink and the other half blue – and they weren’t even expecting… we will paint one of these days)… anyway, in the nook we have some candles and the figurines that were made by my brother for our wedding cake…

Next Week: Family

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