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A year ago I began an adventure… 

Hey Everyone…

I have had a passion for photography for a long time now… one that over time just increasingly grows stronger. My burning desire over the past year has being to do something about it… to share that passion with those around me and to grow in my knowledge to become a better and more experienced photographer.

I never have had a desire to create a blog… and then one day while I was searching the web for inspiration to grow in my abilities, I came across a concept – weekly photo challenges. This stirred a thought that I would create a blog to share with those around me, my photos. Some of these photos will be gems that I have had already taken – just to share with you some of my favourite photos… and some of these photos will be challenges that I set myself in order for me to grow.

The secondary part to this is my love for food… growing up in a country kitchen I have a love for making food, especially from scratch. I have a desire to create a recipe book one of these days with all the recipes I grew up with and a few that I have grown to love in the years since I have left home… and my desire is that all the photos in this book are taken by me! So to challenge me further in getting this project moving along… I will blog recipes and try to master the art of food photography at the same time!

Please join with me in this journey. My aim will be to blog recipes on Tuesdays & weekly photo challenges on Thursdays. I hope that you will enjoy my photos and possibly enjoy making one or two of these recipes as well!

A year on, I am pleased that I manage to blog each and every week – both with recipes and weekly photo challenges! Even though there were a few weeks where in the challenges all I did was show previous photos I had taken – those weeks were few and far between. I feel like I grew heaps during this process and I am now seeking what my next steps are going to be. I am not going to stop blogging recipes or doing photo challenges but I am releasing myself from the weekly grind of this need. I haven’t lost the burning desire to do something more with my photography – in fact, it’s grown immensely more since I have began.

Thanks for reading and sharing this journey with me. Stay tuned. At this stage I’m going to take the next few weeks off, but if I cook something that I haven’t shared or have an awesome photo from a recent shot – I’ll share it will you. 

If there is a photo challenge or a recipe that you want to see me try – comment below and stay tuned.

Week 52: Photo Challenge


First and foremost I must say that I have done my challenge! I have officially completed ONE YEAR of blogging – both recipes and photo challenges! What’s next… you’ll just have to wait until next week to hear what I have to say!

I was privileged enough to get a three day weekend last weekend with my hubby and we took the chance to go camping! But before our camping adventure could begin, we started off with a date night by going to the CFL Football Game in Calgary. It was Calgary Stampedes vs Saskatchewan Roughriders. As Cam was born and raised in Saskatchewan, he follows them – and as a good wife, I support them too! It was a really good game, which ended in a draw! What I didn’t know was that they play overtime in CFL matches, each team get’s one chance for a touchdown from the 35 yard line. Roughriders went first and kicked a 3 point goal… then the Stampeders followed… and scored a touchdown… so the draw really wasn’t a draw after all! The crazy thing was, that with 8 minutes left to go, Calgary were two touchdowns behind and I would say that about 75% of the Stampeders fans had already left the Stadium!!!

We headed off Camping around noon on Friday – our plan was to go to Beaver Flats just south of Elbow Falls… but it was already full – as was most of the Kananaskis area… so we called the Banff National Parks to see how those sites were filling up and we managed to get a spot at Two Jack Main Campground – that is just north of Banff and on Lake Minnewanka. It turned out to be a better campground than I expected – and we’ll be back! We set up camp in the drizzling rain and then chilled out.

On Saturday we stayed at the campground – read books, played cards, listened to our neighbours play the same song over and over and over again and generally hung out around our campfire.

That evening we made ‘Hobo Stew’ as we like to call it – basically it’s meat and veggies wrapped in tin foil with whatever spices you like and butter… let it cook over the coals (turn a few times) for about an hour and your good to go!

The next day, we packed up and left. We drove around and visited Lake Minnewanka and then headed into Banff for a late picnic lunch in the Cascade Gardens before heading back home.

Next Week: Ummm… stay tuned.

Week 52: Recipes

Lemon Slice

250g crushed biscuits (arrowroot)
1 cup coconut
½ tin condensed milk
100g butter, melted
Rind of 1 lemon
Juice of ½ lemon
Icing sugar
20g melted butter
Juice of ½ lemon
Crush biscuits roughly. Add coconut, condensed milk, butter, lemon rind and juice and combine well. Place in slice container and press. Combine ingredients to make icing – use as much icing sugar and water it takes to get the consistency that you desire (a little thicker is best)! Ice with icing and refrigerate until chilled. 

Week 51: Photo Challenge


This week I am cheating! I haven’t had a spare moment to get the camera out and think creative… so here are a few of my silhouette photos from the past. I’m surprised that I haven’t actually posted either of these before. The first one is the Melbourne skyline from the Sidney Myer Music Bowl and the second one is the fountain in Bendigo.

Next Week: Camping

Week 51: Recipes

Chocolate Cheesecake

250g crushed chocolate biscuits
90g butter, melted
250g cream cheese
1 tin condensed milk
1/3 cup lemon juice
150g chocolate, melted
2 teaspoons gelatin
¼ cup water
½ cup cream, whipped
Combine biscuit crumbs and melted butter. Press firmly into lined spring-form tin. Refrigerate until required. Beat cream cheese until creamy. Add condensed milk gradually then lemon juice and melted chocolate. Dissolved gelatin in the water then add to mixture. Fold in whipped cream, then pour mixture over the chocolate crumb based. Let it smooth out and refrigerate for at least 2 – 3 hours. Serve with ice cream!

Week 50: Photo Challenge

Break the Press! Front Page News!

This week the Calgary Stampede began! The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth (as their tag line suggests). This year it is also the Centennial Celebration of the Stampede – 1912 to 2012!

In 1912 the great Stampede was born from the vision of Guy Weadick. Guy was a famous working cowboy and vaudeville entertainer featured in the traveling wild-west shows that were popular world-wide in the early 1900s. He was a man with a dream of celebrating the romance and authentic culture of the old west.

The Stampede we enjoy today has evolved from Guy’s vision. He was successful because he understood that as much as things change, we need to believe in the way things were.

Our historical information tells the story of who we were in our earliest days, and reminds us that Guy was right; fundamentally we believe in the same western values today as we did in 1912.

For more Stampede History:

Since I haven’t gone to the Stampede since the first year I arrived in Canada, we thought this year we should hit it up! With it also being the centennial celebration year and the need for a few of the other international staff wanting to go – we took the plunge, braved the train & crowds and had a wonderful day!

Our first stop (once we made it through the line that was at least a mile long!) was to go to the Rodeo! With only standing room seats available, there are lots of heads in the shots! Tie-Down Roping, Bareback, Steer Wrestling,  and Barrel Racing were the first few event we saw – but the one we were all waiting for was the Bull Riding!

Then we went and visited the Saddle dome and saw the last of the ‘Cowboy Up!’ Challenge. In previous years, our Equine Coordinator, has been in this event – unfortunately, this year his horse was ill and couldn’t participate in the trials.

We then meet up with a few of the others, walked around for a bit grabbed some food before we headed into the part of the day that I was looking forward to the most… CHUCK WAGON RACES!

As a mid program break they brought out onto the stage some miniature horses that can be ridden by little kids – and they move! – and it’s not a horse on a stick!

The the evening show began – the cheapest Paul Brandt concert (if you can count four songs as a concert!) that I will ever see… some crazy acrobatic dances, BMX jumping, brightly coloured polka dot dressed dances, Paul Brandt followed by the best fireworks show ever!

I don’t know which photo you picked as YOUR favourite ‘Break the Press! Front Page News’ picture… there are a few that are my favourite of the bunch.

Next Week: Silhouette

Week 50: Recipes

Easy Chocolate Fondue

1 can chocolate flavoured syrup
1 can condensed milk
½ teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla essence (AU) / extract (CA)
In a heavy saucepan, over medium heat, combine chocolate syrup, condensed milk and salt. Cook and continually stir for between 10-15 minutes until slightly thickens. Remove from heat, stir in vanilla. Serve and enjoy with your favourite fruits. Store leftover’s in container in the refrigerator.

Fruit Dip

1 packet cream cheese
1 jar marshmallow cream
1 teaspoon lemon juice
Using an electric mixer, beat the cream cheese until smooth. Add marshmallow creme and blend until mixture is smooth. Add in lemon juice, blend for another 30 seconds then serve and enjoy!

Week 49: Photo Challenge

In Your Backyard…

The moon was in my backyard this week… it was so bright and big that I had to capture it. I like the second one better – doesn’t just look like a white dot in the sky!

Next Week: Break the Press! Front Page News!

Week 49: Recipes


1½ cups self raising flour
2 tablespoons sugar
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1 cup milk
60g butter, melted
Sift flour and sugar. Combine eggs, milk and butter and combine with dry ingredients. Mix well. Add more milk for a thinner consistency and more flour to thicken the mixture. Heat fry pan and cook pancake mixture. Once the edges brown or bubbles appear in the pancake, flip pancake to cook on the other side. Serve with fruit and syrup.
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