What next…

A year ago I began an adventure… 

Hey Everyone…

I have had a passion for photography for a long time now… one that over time just increasingly grows stronger. My burning desire over the past year has being to do something about it… to share that passion with those around me and to grow in my knowledge to become a better and more experienced photographer.

I never have had a desire to create a blog… and then one day while I was searching the web for inspiration to grow in my abilities, I came across a concept – weekly photo challenges. This stirred a thought that I would create a blog to share with those around me, my photos. Some of these photos will be gems that I have had already taken – just to share with you some of my favourite photos… and some of these photos will be challenges that I set myself in order for me to grow.

The secondary part to this is my love for food… growing up in a country kitchen I have a love for making food, especially from scratch. I have a desire to create a recipe book one of these days with all the recipes I grew up with and a few that I have grown to love in the years since I have left home… and my desire is that all the photos in this book are taken by me! So to challenge me further in getting this project moving along… I will blog recipes and try to master the art of food photography at the same time!

Please join with me in this journey. My aim will be to blog recipes on Tuesdays & weekly photo challenges on Thursdays. I hope that you will enjoy my photos and possibly enjoy making one or two of these recipes as well!

A year on, I am pleased that I manage to blog each and every week – both with recipes and weekly photo challenges! Even though there were a few weeks where in the challenges all I did was show previous photos I had taken – those weeks were few and far between. I feel like I grew heaps during this process and I am now seeking what my next steps are going to be. I am not going to stop blogging recipes or doing photo challenges but I am releasing myself from the weekly grind of this need. I haven’t lost the burning desire to do something more with my photography – in fact, it’s grown immensely more since I have began.

Thanks for reading and sharing this journey with me. Stay tuned. At this stage I’m going to take the next few weeks off, but if I cook something that I haven’t shared or have an awesome photo from a recent shot – I’ll share it will you. 

If there is a photo challenge or a recipe that you want to see me try – comment below and stay tuned.


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